Building and Engineering for the Mountains



Established in 1970 as a construction firm for town and rural building, Frigo S.r.l soon adapted itself to changing circumstances, expanding and developing its activities.

Having its headquarters in La Thuile and operating in the whole of the Aosta Valley, the company naturally became involved in the construction of large scale works such as hydro-electric plant, pipe-laying, ski lifts and snow-making installations. Carrying out such works normally requires preparatory and finishing work including earth-moving, afforestation, slope preparation, avalanche barriers and wind breaks.

The Frigo Construction group, in order to attain its objectives has invested heavily in staff and equipment so that today you can rely on a partner with great experience and modern plant which together allow for the achievement of even complex projects.

We are always aware of innovations in the construction and energy market and can suggest to our clients up-to-date and innovative project solutions.